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Albert Rintrona III
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Albert, age 30, passed away on September 19, 2017, in Amherst. He was pursuing his PhD in communication, with a focus in rhetoric, at the University of Massachusetts. He had previously earned a Master’s degree from Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Houston. Albert was driven by a remarkably intense passion for learning. His thirst for knowledge was singular, even among fellow students and scholars for whom intellectual curiosity and engagement are often taken for granted. Everyday evidence of Albert’s deep joy in the life of the mind was his cheerful online signoff, “Happy reading!”

Albert was recognized in 2015 by the Japan-U.S. Communication Association for his research on postwar efforts to memorialize Japanese-American internment camps during World War II. His belief in the promise and value of his research was deep and unwavering. Albert was an avid collector of vintage photographs from that period. The Japanese proverb Keizoku wa chikara nari—which means “to continue is power”—expresses the spirit in which Albert approached life and valiantly battled diabetes and lupus. His determination in the face of chronic illness was often astounding. Albert’s humanity and kindness belied the full measure of his strength and resolve. He posted a status update to Facebook, which friends circulated widely in the hours after his passing. It exemplifies his distinctive courage and heart: “I had a really bad day today, so to cope I walked around downtown and smiled at everyone I walked by. One older lady paused, came up to me, placed her hand on my arm, and thanked me. She then walked off. Who knows what all of this could mean. Yet, for whatever reason, the contact between me and her left me with resolve. Needless to say, I learned today that smiling during a bad day can really go a long way. Thanks for listening...”

Albert’s fearless generosity was matched only by his fierce loyalty to friends. He quickly befriended humans and animals alike. He maintained those bonds steadfastly. Even those who met Albert only in passing surely recall his contagious laugh, uplifting spirit, colorful bowties, delightful sass, and profound goodness. His life was a joyful song to the happiness of seizing the day and living as you want, no matter what.

Albert is survived by his parents Albert Jr. and Noemi Rintrona; his sister Janelle Rintrona; his nephew Aiden Sullivan; and his aunt Carmen Rivera and cousins, Stephen and Kristin Bergholtz, Scott & Stephenie Seppen, Jason Lopez, Stacy Lopez and Keith Lopez. He was predeceased by his sister Nicole Accurso, his grandparents Albert & Gloria Rintrona, Miguel & Felicita Lopez, and his aunts Teresa Rintrona & Maria Rintrona and his uncle Miguel Lopez Jr. His beloved cat, Kairé, has been adopted by Justin and Mary Dowdall.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend his Memorial Mass on Friday October 6th at 10:00 a.m. at St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Church in Utica, NY.

In memory of Albert please consider making donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Inc. (JDRF).
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Albert I will miss your smile every morning and you also saying to me "Have a great Day". I have been going around and telling people to have a great day and its all good, is the last words you send to me. Now you are free of pain rest now. Love from your fellow worker

Written by Donna Berg
2017-10-03 12:57:35 PM

Ali - so sorry to learn of your loss... it is heartbreaking...

Written by Dale Lockwood
2017-10-05 1:37:20 PM

Albert. Lots of great memories with you. You were always a genuine friend and always could be somebody I could count on if I needed to talk. you always had a ear to listen. Lots of great memories were made and will never fade you will remain in our hearts and never be forgotten.

Written by DJ Dega
2017-10-08 1:43:04 AM

It has been nearly a month since we have lost you and I still haven't been able to fully come to terms with everything. You were truly one of my dearest friends, and you were more important to me than I think you ever knew. My thoughts are with your family during this time, and I know that your legacy will live on in our hearts and minds forever. Love you, bud.

Written by Erica Tortolani
2017-10-16 2:44:40 PM